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Fenico Textile Company Ltd was established in 1974, and has evolved over the years becoming a firmly established family business. In 1975, the founder stumbled over the highly culture-based printed wool textile, commonly referred to in the tribal language as "Feni or Amatiye”, used mainly by the Ijaw tribe of the southern region of Nigeria and also consumed by a variety of other tribes including the Igbos where it is known as "Isi Agu.

The business started in 1974 under the name of "Top Toppers Textile Enterprise” and shortly after was changed to "Tamby Trading Enterprise” early in 1976. It progressed successfully until the mid-1980s when Tamby was split into two areas of business – agricultural products and printed wool textile trading. Feni Textile Trading Company was then established to continue the printed wool textile business. As a result of the military coup of 1983 in Nigeria the emergent military government imposed very strict restriction affecting the import of all kinds of textile. Unfortunately, printed wool was banned leading to the "death” of Feni Textile Trading Company. In 1998, the founder resurrected the business, and established it as "Fenico Textile Trading Company, which operates between United Kingdom, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company possesses over one hundred product-designs and colours most of which have been registered as exclusive property of the company.

Fenicotextile.com is a novel concept, specialising in both retail and wholesale purchases of the material. We hold the largest stock of Feni material worldwide enabling us to offer competitive prices to our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team, who will be happy to deal with any enquiries you may have.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience!

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