Welcome to Fenico Nigerian Textiles Store!

We specialise in producing and distributing the highly culture-based printed wool textile, commonly referred to in the tribal language as "Feni or Amatiye”, used exclusively by the Ijaw tribe of the southern region of Nigeria and also common amongst the Igbo community, where it is referred to as "Isi Agu".

Fenico Textile Company Ltd was established over 40 years ago, and has offices in the UK, UAE and Nigeria. We hold the largest stock of Feni material worldwide with a diverse range of colours and patented designs.

For individuals who are looking to buy large quantities or become distributors, please view our "wholesale customer” tab at the top of the page for more info. Or you can contact us directly and discuss your requirements.

Thank you for visiting www.fenicotextiles.com We hope you enjoy your shopping experience.

Our Products

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Lion Head [Isi Agu] (Red) £30.00/yard
Horse Head (Black) £25.00/yard
Maths Set (Cream) £25.00/yard
Gazelle (Blue) £25.00/yard
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